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DIY Magic Slushy Cup

DIY Magic Slushy Cup

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Create your own delicious slushies with the DIY Magic Slushy Cup. Simply pour in your favorite drink and squeese 1-3 minutes. The cup's unique design allows for quick and easy slushy-making without the need for any additional tools or electricity. With the DIY Magic Slushy Cup, you can enjoy a cool and tasty drink anytime, anywhere.


1.Easy to use: The smoothie can be made in a few seconds. No ice, no blender, just freeze, squeeze, and you can enjoy refreshing summer snacks.
2.Reusable: After each use, just wash and refreeze in warm soapy water to prepare for the next muddy party.
3.Safe and non-toxic: Made of food-grade silicone without BPA, it is 100% safe for you and your children.
4.The unique design creates a lasting, unforgettable conversation point, interactive, colorful and child-friendly. Convenient gadgets that you can do with your kids or friends at home/office.
5.The perfect gift: milkshake smoothie machine cup ice cream mold popsicle machine cup and ice cream scoop ice cream homemade machine. Very suitable for children and kids.

Capacity: 500ML
Size: 11.8 * 22.5cm


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